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A learning campaign for busy and innovative Facilitators, Trainers and Coaches

Learn to spark learning conversations outside the classroom in just 6 weeks, all from your mobile phone!


  • Create a trusted learning environment in a community or on social media
  • Develop long lasting relationship with your learners
  • Grab learners’ attention and keep it forever
  • Facilitate professional and structured learning conversations on communities and social media
  • Demonstrate your expertise to clients and learners


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Who is it for?

Trainers and training organisations who want to see their learners transformed by creating modern and empowering learning environments

  How will you learn

  • On the go or on your computer following the hashtag #FacilitationDoneRight on Twitter and Linkedin
  • New ressources and discussions every day
  • Every week one of our experts will share their incredible experience in digital learning as well as tips and best practice
  • Get answers from #FacilitationDoneRight team of experts on Twitter
  • Opt in for the weekly catch up email including featured the top 5 videos and articles from the week

Meet the #FacilitationDoneRight team of contributing experts

Gaelle Watson SyncSkills
Jo Cook

Olivia Palmer
Samir Bata
Kirsty Lewis


Week 1: Getting started

From frame of mind to technology, a review of the facilitator toolkit and environment for 2018

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Expert time

Jo cook Webinar #facilitationdoneright

Expert time

Olivia palmer webinar

Week 2: Self-presentation, introduction and facilitation in communities

Setting up a profile to attract interest whilst being genuine, authentic and professional

Conversation starters and stoppers

Using videos and visuals

The art of curation in digital learning

Week 3: From trainer to social leader, firing up your learners' creativity anywhere, anytime


Dealing with trust issues

Challenging conversations

Establishing rules & etiquette

Expert time

Valerie webinar

Expert time

Facilitation outside the classroom

Week 4 & 5: Facilitating outside a structured learning environment

Blended learning, MOOC, Self-study programmes, engaging with learners a-synchronously

The power of peer learning

Creating a personal experience

Attracting learners' attention: using images

The video challenge!

Week 6: It's all about people!

Making the technology invisible

Getting closer to learners!

Changing people's lives where ever they are!

Expert time

Samir Bata webinar

See you on Twitter and Linkedin #FacilitationDoneRight