Professional, Multi Lingual, Knowledgeable, Flexible. SyncSkills professional producers will support your virtual classroom needs.

At SyncSkills we are passionate about providing the learner and the trainer a seamless and impactful experience when delivering webinars or virtual classroom training.

All our team speak perfect English, but we can also support many other languages such as French, German, Spanish, Italian and Hindi. If we don’t have the language you need then just ask as we are adding to our skilled team all the time!

We recognise that there is a huge potential of untapped talent in the market of mums who are returning to work. That is why we have carefully chosen our team of producers from highly skilled talented mums who want to work flexibly. They all come from professional backgrounds and are looking forward to taking your online training course or online workshop to the next level.

SyncSkills Helping Trainers and Facilitators work interactively in the virtual classroom and webinars
Gaëlle Watson - Head of Webinar Production and virtual classroom expert

Gaëlle started her career supporting and producing webinars for the French IT security market in 2006. She then moved on to a training role and create a series of programmes for property professionals earning her an e-learning award in 2014.
Gaëlle founded SyncSkills in 2014 with the vision to provide work-life balance to mums. SyncSkills trained Digital Producers to support trainers and training organisations delivering personalised and meaningful experiences in the virtual classroom.

Not only can Gaëlle support a broad range of virtual classroom packages, she is an expert at helping trainers and training organisations to take their traditional classroom-based training into the digital training world. Support can include one to one virtual classroom training and coaching sessions, adaption of classroom materials through to full production and delivery of the blended learning classroom.

  • Gaëlle is a Certified Online Faciltiator and Member of LPI
  • Gaëlle speaks fluent French, English
  • Her virtual classroom specialities are WebEx training centre, Adobe Connect and GoTo Meeting

“We simply couldn’t manage without Gaëlle and her team, they are integral to our virtual delivery success”

Sandra Evans, The Art of Work

Namrata Webinar and Virtual Classroom Producer with SyncSkills

Namrata lives in Sydney, Australia. She is a strong believer in the power of the digital world and embraces the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and share learning opportunities with them.

She was one of the first trained by SyncSkills as a digital producer. Namrata loves learning online and creating new opportunities through digital studies. Namrata has a natural gift to make trainers and learners comfortable in the virtual classroom and make sure everyone actively contributes in a session.

  • Namrata speaks fluent English and Hindi. She can also speak Marathi, Sindhi and a little bit of Arabic.
  • Namrata’s virtual classroom is in WebEx training centre and Adobe Connect.

“It’s fundamental to have the support of a ‘guardian angel producer’ in order to have a successful training”

Nadia Rao, NRS for change

Lucile Webinar and Virtual Classroom Technical Producer

Lucile was born and studied her master’s degree in engineering in France. She then worked and travelled in Europe and thought she settled in Italy. She was a production manager in a paper mill in Lucca when she had her two boys.

When her family relocated to England, Lucile decided to look for a career where she could work flexibly around her family. An enthusiastic learner, Lucile loves the idea of working and learning at the same time. This is why she joined SyncSkills Producers Programme.

Lucile’s smile and energy has been a delight for trainers and learners who love her sense of humour and her positive attitude under all circumstances.

  • Lucile speaks English, Italian and French
  • Her virtual classrooms are held in Adobe Connect and WebEx Training Centre.

Derwella Webinar and virtual classroom production,host and support

Derwella is a true global citizen. She was born in France and raised in Spain where she studied International business. After 13 working as European Account Manager and in Spain, France and UK, Derwella and her family was moved to Bahrein and back to UK.
Derwella joined our SyncSkills Producer programme allowing her to work flexibly. She loves that wherever life takes her next, she will still be able to work … with the same team.

Derwella is a fantastic team player who always give 100 per cent to all her virtual classroom sessions.

  • Derwella speaks English, Spanish and French
  • Derwella’s classrooms are Adobe Connect and WebEx Training Centre

Sue White - SyncSkills Production Team

Sue is SyncSkills ulitimate Adobe Guru. She is also our own wizard in Telephony and Audio Bridge issues. Sue has decades of experience using the virtual classrooom and will make the impossible possible.

Sue is not only a virtual classroom specialist, she is also an expert in self-directed e-learning from writing base content to creating modules with rapid e-learning tools. 

When she is not working her magic in the virtual classroom Sue's passion for education takes her to dog's training and her three puppies are so well behaved they have never been heard in a live session. 

  • Sue's classroom is Adobe Connect although she can also manage Webex when asked very nicely

“Really friendly, competent and approached the group at a level appropriate to their experience. I'm not incredibly experienced myself so I appreciated Sue reassurance.”

Nick - Leadership Programmes Facilitators

SyncSkills Helping Trainers and Facilitators work interactively in the virtual classroom and webinars