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#TrainingDoneRight challenges the traditional way training is designed. It leads participants through a clear step by step method uncovering specific learning strategies adapted to learners’ needs which in turn drives increased performance in the workplace.

#TrainingDoneRight is 7 week completely free programme designed with a £0.00 technical budget in mind equipping you to harness the power and availability of social media. To access the entire programme, sign up for the webinars and access exclusive content, register now.

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Digital learning is top of the agenda of the corporate world however there is a clear skill gaps in the training world to embrace digital learning. #TrainingDoneRight enables trainers and subject matter experts to confidently share their expertise using digital technology and effectively support the development of professionals everywhere.

Who is it for:

  • Training organisations
  • Associations and membership organisations
  • Trainers and subject matter experts


  • Transform your needs analysis methods to incorporate need digital learning preferences
  • Creating a digital learning journey on a shoestring budget
  • Identify the different formats of learning and their pros and cons: Live online (Virtual instructor led training) social media and communities, video vs audio lessons, e-learning and gamification
  • Gain confidence in combining different formats to create the best possible learning journey for your learners’
  • Developing a validation process to ensure learners’ achieve measurable results in the work place
  • Gain confidence in pricing your digital training work


  • 7 weeks
  • Exclusively online using: twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and on occasion, Periscope
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The challenge(s):

Regardless as to whether you are currently working on a digital learning project or not, pick a course and apply the steps for the week. Take a moment to record it - send yourself an email, share it #TrainingDoneRight or simply write it down in your note book.

  • By the end of the programme you will be able to be the architect of your next online training!
  • No question is too trivial or irrelevant when contemplating such a big change of training environment! ask your questions on #TrainingDoneRight or, if you are uncomfortable sharing with the community, send an email at

#TrainingDoneRight has been designed by Gaëlle Delmas-Watson Founder of SyncSkills and Virtual Classroom Specialist

Gaëlle is a certified online facilitator and coach whose work for RICS received an E-learning Award in 2014 in the category “Best use of synchronous online learning/Virtual Classroom”. Gaëlle founded SyncSkills to enable trainers and training organisations to transform and adapt their courses to the virtual classroom without compromising on quality or losing any of their individual course identity. Gaelle works with national and international organisations to design and implement unique, innovative learning strategies for commercial training organisations and membership bodies.

With the valuable contribution of four specialists in different fields of professional training and development who have generously offered their time and expertise to #TrainingDoneRight:

Webinar: Digital workplaces of the future: How do we build the digital skills vital for a 21st century workforce

In this Webinar Kathryn will outline the journey so far establishing the Digital Mums Academy from initial idea to at-scale programmes. Digital Mums is all about building the digital skills and confidence that are highly sought after in the UK today. Kathryn will share the insights she has gathered from developing training that builds these 21st century skills for today’s workplaces. Kathryn will then demonstrate how this may be applied in any workplace for existing and new employees to ensure every business has the digital skills for the future.

The problem

There is a major digital skills gap in UK business today 90% of jobs require digital skills and the UK will need about 745,000 workers with digital skills by 2017. This skills gap is costing the economy £63bn a year in lost income.

1. A partnership approach

User centred design is insufficient to create the workforce of tomorrow. Co-design with learners is of course key but it’s also crucial to work closely with those employing them. So not only must you put learners at the very centre of course development and iteration, you must also put employers at the centre. Having a design-led culture supports this and Kathryn will share how Digital Mums achieved this and will consider what this means for workplaces generally.

2. Innovative learning models

The majority of work based training uses outdated learning models. These have to be ditched in favour of cutting edge teaching that draws on pioneering practice from around the world, as well as innovative and interactive technologies that allow the user to control their learning journey. Kathryn will outline the design principles of Digital Mums’ REAL Learning training methodology and how it’s achieved success and will discuss how this could be embedded within modern professional development practices.

3. Dealing with change

The digital space is constantly changing. How do you make sure your learners have access to the most up to date content? Digital Mums’ social media curriculum content is in constant development due to continuous evolution of social media platforms. What does this mean for curriculum development in the workplace?

4. The new flexible working

Finally, Kathryn will present some findings of Digital Mums’ #WorkThatWorks research and campaign and will discuss how to build a learning and development culture for working parents.

Kathryn Tyler – Digital Mums

About Kathryn - Click for more about Kathryn

Webinar: Delivering courses online: A trainer’s journey

Six years ago Charles was one of a group of leading rural surveyors approached by Gaelle to discuss the potential interest from this sector in web classes. Charles’ initial reaction was varied, he recognised it was a good opportunity given the geographical location of rural surveyors and could also see some of the challenges he would face such as his traditional audience, their IT skills level and technical limitations.

Charles’ first step was to try it as a learner, taking part in a web class as a student. This was an excellent start. Over the following years we developed a series of web classes for rural surveyors who responded well to this initiative. Participants appreciated the accessibility of CPD they could get from their desk top. They liked the opportunity to interact and responded well to the use of chat and dialogue facilities, as well as the more structured activities. Locally there were occasional problems with connectivity but it was equally clear that a core of regular participants became very comfortable and confident with the software – and took a change of delivery platform in their stride. Initial qualms about the lack of direct contact with the audience eased with experience.

This Webinar will be an excellent opportunity to learn from that experience, and to relate it to the needs of training practitioners and participants who may be starting to engage with the web class format for the first time.

Webinar: Driving effective learning through online communities

Leveraging the power of a community to drive personal and business growth

In this not to be missed webinar Estelle will highlight the key processes you need to set up a successful online community. She will walk you through why having a community greatly enhances Learning and information and engagement with your clients, share with you the key benefits of nurturing and growing a community as well as pointing out the obstacles you could face on the way so that you can avoid these pitfalls!

Estelle will wrap this all up with 5 essential key takeaways on how you can leverage the community to educate & train in the space you are in.

  • Creating content
  • Managing contributors
  • Engaging with learners
  • Format of content most read
  • What makes of a great conversation: what type of questions? Why? Statistics

Estelle Johannes, Director, Member Communities UK, CompTIA

About Estelle - Click for more about Estelle

Leading the UK Channel Community for CompTIA, Estelle Johannes has 8 years’ experience working in the IT channel. For the last 4 years, Estelle led a global channel focus community for senior channel professionals in the IT & Telecommunications industry.

Now working within CompTIA, Estelle’s main focus is to increase member satisfaction and overall growth of the community. A key aspect of her role is to develop focus groups and facilitate online and offline events. She also manages and builds relationships with channel industry experts, thought leaders and speakers for a multitude of conferences. Her career has given her great insight into the needs of the IT channel and the UK community, knowledge that can be utilised by the CompTIA UK Channel Community.

Webinar: #NoPlasters: using Social Learning in your Workplace.

  • Are you excited by the possibilities of embracing new tools in your modern workplace learning but struggling to apply the tools to your context?
  • Do you get frustrated at conferences which tell us what we should do to create an educated and engaged team: apply 70:20:10, use an ESN, embrace social learning, buy new technology; the list goes on. But if these ideas are new to you, why don’t the conferences tell us how to understand and use them.
  • Are you baffled as to why anyone would use Twitter for learning, even though it is regularly top of Jane Hart’s list from the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies?

For answers to these questions and more, this webinar is for you. You will leave this webinar understanding both the value of social learning tools such as Twitter and how learning via an ongoing campaign can impact your organisation. With Michelle in the driving seat; her ever practical approach will mean you will leave with practical ideas to try too! In a quest to put ‘How to Do’ modern learning stuff onto the agenda, Michelle Parry-Slater started #NoPlasters in 2015, a daily Tweet campaign offering practical tips on How to Do workplace learning differently. #NoPlasters aims to stop sticking plaster solutions in learning by supporting L&Ders to access models, theories and academic ideas in a practical, applicable, everyday way. In this webinar Michelle will tell the story of How you can further your modern learning agenda drawing on the #NoPlasters story and campaign learning.

Michelle Parry-Slater, L&D Director

About Michelle - Click for more about Michelle