In-Pro Digital: Your dedicated support through online delivery

New to online delivery? In a rush, or dealing with a large group or a complex session?

Rather than struggle on alone why not get support from a professional producer?

What clients say about SyncSkills’ work

“I love it when you host online training! I know everything will always run smoothly and all the participants will feel at ease. You have a great gift!"

Sophy Haig, Project Support Manager at The Art of Work Ltd

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Your producer will:

  • Support and coach you through all the preparatory work
  • Walk you through the SyncSkills technical validation process to prevent technical failure on the day
  • Welcome the learners and make them comfortable
  • Assess individual learners technical set up
  • Facilitate chat conversations and Q&A
  • Facilitate all the planned activities and technicalities in the session: discussion, role play, case studies
  • Generally ensure everyone has a great experience!

Participants will leave the sessions feeling energised, motivated and ready to apply their learning long into the future.

Key benefits to you:

  • Fast and flexible: As short as 7 days to the first delivery (depending on availability)
  • Personalised: a personal one to one service: where you can discuss in detail your exact needs with an approachable, expert saving you time and money, finding the right online delivery package for you and cutting through all that digital jargon.
  • Bespoke: A range of options to choose from for a unique and tailor made service that fits you and your business needs perfectly.
  • Quality learning experiences: A strong focus on learners’ experience from joining instruction through the entire session.
  • Stress free: Let us take all the stress out of the experience, allowing you to focus solely on the delivery, the learners’ answers and comments and learning journey, certain in the knowledge that the technical aspect is in safe expert hands.


As trainers need to be ever more reactive to clients’ needs and request, this exclusive new service from Syncskills allows you to turn around your best ever online presentation in as little as 7 days. No technical concerns and wholly safe in the knowledge that Syncskills will address any eventuality, allowing you to do what you do best - Train

Let us deal with all those technical pitfalls that can throw you off course or those challenging you to deliver online sooner rather than later. SyncSkills is here to support you all the way;

  • Setting up the virtual classroom software
  • Emailing joining instruction to participants
  • Getting you and your business ready to present online
  • Supporting you during the session
  • Welcoming participants
  • Testing participant’s system
  • Operating polls
  • Monitoring participation and giving instruction to take part in activities
  • As well as dealing with all those last minute glitches that can throw you off your stride just at that critical moment.



3 packages and many options to ensure you get the support you need for your next online delivery

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