Studies show lack of digital skills in training

"L&D* leaders recognise there are significant skills gaps in online training and are planning to address this in the next two years.

  • 66% DON’T have the skills in-house for live online learning delivery
  • 80% DON’T have the skills in-house for facilitating social and collaborative learning"

In-Focus: Preparing for the Future of Learning” Towards Maturity CIC Ltd. 2016.

*L&D stands for Learning and Development: these are professionals in companies often part of Human Resources who looking after Training, Career and pretty much anything related to staff learning.


Be part of the digital revolution

Learn skills for up and coming roles such as online facilitators and community managers ...

Equip yourself to work with HR departments and training suppliers for Membership organisations

Ideal training to branch out, kick start or restart your career

Become part of SyncSkills community of freelancers (Starting fees £15/H )

It is for you , if you:

  • Enjoy social media interaction: facebook, twitter, pinterest, ...
  • Not afraid of technology (but no technical knowledge required)
  • Seeking flexible work from home
  • Excited to learn new skills and work in an innovative digital environment
  • Happy to work independently
  • Foreign language speakers welcome to support SyncSKills international clients
  • Genuinely love and care about people
  • Love to learn new skills

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The story

There is a chronic skills gap in the training industry for delivering courses online. Poorly delivered webinars have given a bad name to Live Online Training but there is a growing needs for this type of learning and many training organisations are now seeking assistance to support their experts in delivering their training online.

At SyncSkills we have the expertise to assist all our wonderful clients who need a little bit of help.

So here is the deal:

We will provide you with an extensive 3 months training where you will be given all you need to become a highly competent and professional producer as well as weekly opportunities to practice.

During the 3 months you will also have the opportunity to regularly deliver SyncSkills Content Partners’ Webinars - These are free webinars and will give you the opportunity to practice in a real environment.

Your skills gained will be monitored through regular assignments and validated by a final assessment when you deliver a 30 min presentation from start to finish.

FREE Pilot session

Starting 6th June (usual cost: £500)

Your facilitator

Gaëlle is a certified online facilitator and coach whose work for RICS received an E-learning Award in 2014 in the category “Best use of synchronous online learning/Virtual Classroom”. Gaëlle founded SyncSkills to enable trainers and training organisations to transform and adapt their courses to the virtual classroom without compromising on quality or losing any of their individual course identity. Gaelle works with national and international organisations to design and implement unique, innovative learning strategies for commercial training organisations and membership bodies.