Create an agile pilot and get started with digital training:

  • Set up a professional, digital programme for your learners
  • Get started with confidence and ease
  • Create agile, adaptable dedicated solutions
  • Based mostly on free technology
  • Professional look and feel
  • Specific to your learners needs
  • Easily accessible for your learners

This programme can be booked as
a whole or
each individual step separately

"I honestly didn't think it was possible to enjoy the full value of my business simulation training online but I am really starting to reach the conclusion it may well be. Being a web-delivery novice, Gaelle’s clear and systematic approach to coaching me through bringing a simpler course online, encourages me to believe anything might be possible!”

Keith Wilson C.A., Managing Director at Pearl Onion Training

SyncSkills 7 steps process

Are you thinking?

  • I can’t possibly teach this topic online?
  • Where do I start with the technology?
  • What sort of activities can I realistically run online?
  • I don’t understand anything about technology how can i run something online?

Book a 60 min free assessment session now and get a professional to turn your project into an online reality!

SyncSkills approach to technology

  • Over 80% of our solutions are based on free technical solutions
  • 100% commitment free
  • Easy to change, adapt and transform
  • SyncSkills is WHOLLY committed to client and learner satisfaction!
  • SyncSkills does not endorse any technology supplier

1. Intensive Digital learning plan day

Dedicated time for digital learning project managers to define your vision:
Establishing the purpose, goals and key steps to achieve your desired outcomes.

Some of the essentials covered during the day:

  • Identify learners’ preferences
  • Establish a learners’ journey with SMART Learning Outcome, assessments, group challenges
  • Develop bespoke pilot infrastructure based on learners’ preferences, choose from a series of commitment free, readily available technical solutions*
    (*most of them are free)
  • Launch date and planner
  • Create a Project team

(up to 5 people)

In person

London – Paris – Brussels


3 sessions of 2h

2. Technical Framework set up

No need for a complex Learning management system to get started, together we will create everything your learners need to develop new skills, all with a professional look. With SyncSkills support you will;

  • Combine readily available solutions to create the best learner experience possible.
  • Set up easy to follow steps for all users: administrators, trainers, facilitator and learners.
  • Establish clear processes and templates to ensure consistency and ease of use.
  • Develop best practice behaviour to reinforce the learning.
  • Set up a quality control framework including all users.

Digital Learning Project Manager

3 Months coaching programme
Weekly sessions /On demand touch points

Let SyncSkills do all the hard work

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3. Trainers and Facilitator Digital training

Enabling facilitators to confidently step into the digital world and facilitate with ease in the virtual classroom.

Based on SyncSkills Competence Framework:

  • Self-presentation and engagement in digital environments
  • Facilitating online
  • Creating appropriate content and course material
  • Creating a powerful learning environment

Express Virtual Classroom Facilitator Programme

2 Sessions over 2/3 weeks

Expert Digital Facilitator Programme

4. Programme design

Buddy your Subject Matter Expert with a digital learning specialist, they will lead content transformation and suggest innovative digital activities which ensure lecturing is kept to a bare minimum by:

  • Creating a powerful learning environment
  • Encouraging SME to flip the classroom
  • Creating collaborative learning activities
  • Supporting direct application in the work place
  • Monitor progress and delivering personalised support

Let SyncSkills do all the hard work

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5. Launch

From set up to delivery, ensure that the launch of your first digital learning pilot is a success, one where learners’ feedback focuses on the learning experience and not on technical hiccups.

  • Registration
  • Introductions and expectations
  • Minimal technical requirements
  • Structured learning flow
  • Pre-training processes
  • Post-training processes

Let SyncSkills do all the hard work

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6. Production

Get a professional online producer to support the subject matter expert and look after the technical side of the delivery.

Choose from 3 different packages to get you just the right support and budget that suits your needs.

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Production packages