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Welcome to SyncSkills, the leading European Production Agency for Webinars, Virtual Classrooms, Online Training and Blended Learning

Getting started with your webinar or online training can be daunting. Dealing with new or unfamiliar technology, keeping your learners engaged and wondering how to move your face to face activities into an online world can cause concern and take valuable time away from your true goal of educating.

We have experience in doing just this. Our experienced team has supported and managed webinars and online classrooms across Europe for both individuals and training organisations.

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VILT – Virtual Instructor Led Training

VILT often referred to as virtual classroom training or commonly mistakenly as ‘webinars’ is one of the fastest growing methods of online training. Led by the fact that organisations need to support more distributed workforces and keep control of their travel budgets, virtual classrooms can provide a scalable and collaborative experience. What’s more, they can be far more modular and work around the needs of the modern learner. What’s more you can still do everything necessary to engage your learners.

SyncSkills solutions for the modern classroom

Whether you need a producer to support your webinar ensuring a smooth technical implementation and an extra pair of hands! Or you would like coaching in how to manage and engage learners who are not physically in front of you or you would like support to take a classroom-based solution into the online learning environment then we have a solution for you.

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Our services to support your virtual online training

With our years of experience you can be sure of a professional approach at all times and a specialist knowledge that sets us apart. If you can’t see the service you require, we are happy to consult and build a program to meet your needs

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Coaching for coaches, Facilitators and trainers to develop online delivery skills and facilitation
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