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Professional, multilingual, knowledgeable, flexible. SyncSkills professional producers will support your virtual classroom needs.

At SyncSkills we are passionate about providing the learner and trainer a seamless and impactful experience when delivering webinars or virtual classroom training.

All our team speak perfect English, but we can also support many other languages including Italian, German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Mandarin. Others are available on request as we are adding to our skilled team all the time!

The SyncSkills team

The SyncSkills Team

Gaëlle started her career supporting and producing webinars for the French IT security market in 2006. She then moved on to a training role and created a series of programmes for property professionals earning her an e-learning award in 2014.

Gaëlle founded SyncSkills in 2014 with the vision to provide work-life balance to mums. SyncSkills trains Digital Producers to support trainers and training organisations to deliver personalised and meaningful experiences in the virtual classroom. Gaëlle is an expert at helping trainers and training organisations to take their traditional classroom-based training into the digital training world.

Gaëlle is a Certified Online Facilitator of the LPI (Learning and Performance Institute).

Gaëlle speaks fluent French and English. Her virtual classroom specialities are WebEx training centre, Adobe Connect and GoTo Meeting.

Gaëlle Watson
Principal Consultant

Lucile was born in France and studied her master’s degree in engineering there. She then worked and travelled in Europe and thought she had settled in Italy. She was a production manager in a paper mill in Lucca when she had her two boys.

When her family relocated to England, Lucile decided to look for a career where she could work flexibly around her family. An enthusiastic learner, Lucile loves the idea of working and learning at the same time. This is why she joined SyncSkills Producers Programme.

Lucile’s smile and energy has been a delight for trainers and learners who love her sense of humour and her positive attitude under all circumstances.

Lucile speaks English, Italian and French.

Her virtual classrooms are held in Adobe Connect, Zoom and WebEx training centre.

Lucile Mongiatti
Senior Technical Producer

Sue is SyncSkills ultimate Adobe Connect Guru. She is also our own wizard in Telephony and Audio Bridge issues. Sue got her MBA and City & Guilds Adult teaching / trainer certificate in IT from the University of Wales in 2003.

With decades of experience using the virtual classroom, Sue is known to make the impossible possible. Not just a virtual classroom specialist, Sue is also an expert in self-directed e-learning, from writing base content to creating modules with rapid e-learning tools.

Sue's passion for education takes her to dog's assistance training, pedigree research and showing.

Sue is our resident Adobe Connect specialist but also supports Zoom and Skype for Business and sometimes WebEx training centre when asked nicely.

Sue White
Senior Technical Producer

Marion is our German addition to the team.

After her business administration studies, she worked for 12 years in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) business in several managerial positions.

Back in 2013, she decided to set up her own business as a self-employed trainer, coach and producer focusing on adult learning & development where she has more than 25 years of training experience. Marion is a certified class-room and virtual trainer and enjoys making her sessions highly engaging and effective.

When producing, she ensures that facilitators can fully focus on what they do best – delivering the content. Having lived in 5 different countries, Marion speaks English fluently and has very good French, Italian and Spanish language skills. Marion’s virtual classrooms are held in MS Teams, Adobe Connect, Zoom and WebEx training centre

Marion Schilcher
Senior Technical Producer

Lisbeth was born in Panama and then moved to Madrid, Spain where she studied a master’s degree in Construction and Real-Estate Business Administration.

She has lived and worked in Panama, Spain, USA and France which has given her the opportunity to learn different cultures and languages.

As an engineer, she loves quality and details which shows in her work as producer. Lisbeth has unique way of picking up on tiny signals before they escalate into problems. She is brilliant at helping facilitators and participants with all technical elements as well as the interactive activities in order to ensure a smooth virtual experience.

Lisbeth speaks fluent English and Spanish.

Her virtual classrooms are Zoom and Webex.

Lisbeth Gonzalez
Technical Producer

Liza was born and raised in the Philippines, but since 2007 has worked and lived in England. She studied and gained her degree for Travel and Hospitality in the Tourism Industry whilst in the Philippines.

During her previous role as a Manager in Travel Recruitment, she achieved deals with Far Eastern and Middle Eastern clients so they could work abroad.

Liza joined the SyncSkills Producer Programme because it allowed her to be flexible enough to work around her family life as well as an opportunity to learn and gain new skills.

Liza is a warm, welcoming and great team player. She always believes that you're never too old to learn.

Liza speaks fluent English and Tagalog.

Liza's virtual classrooms are held in WebEx training centre and Adobe Connect.

Liza Joseph
Technical Producer

Blenda grew up in Romandy, Switzerland. Passionate about humans, she loves to understand what motivates society. Her curiosity is endless and she is an avid learner. Her open-mindedness and capacity to be adaptive helps her deal with unexpected situations with calm and collectedness. Attentive and organized she will help you facilitate the success of your sessions.

Blenda's virtual classrooms are held on Adobe Connect, MS Teams, Webex meeting (and training center) and Zoom. She speaks fluently French, English, Kirundi and understands well German.

Blenda Akimana
Technical Producer

Yautina was born in China. She moved to the Netherland in 2010 where she freelances as a Mandarin, English and Dutch translator as well as a virtual classroom producer.

Yautina believes the virtual classroom is the most convenient, modern and environmentally friendly way nowadays and in the future. She loves working with high caliber trainers from around the world and be part of life changing training.

Yautina speaks fluent Mandarin, English and Dutch.

Her virtual classroom are Adobe, Zoom, Webex and Teams.

Yautina Zhang
Technical Producer

Kayleigh Clark is an experienced virtual learning producer with over 10 years experience in the Learning & Development sector.

She enjoys witnessing a participant’s journey and watching them grow. She is also a trainee counsellor with a fascination for people and the brain. In her personal time Kayleigh enjoys walking, socialising and eating great food!

Kayleigh Clark
Technical Producer
Lucile can respond in-the-moment to changes to the plan...Lucile also understands facilitation which helps with how she plans the production of a session. She asks me some great questions to get me thinking.

Anne-Claire’s whole life has destined her to be a talented international virtual classroom producer. She loved creating spaces where all voices could be heard and facilitating empowering meetings for all taking part. Born in France in a Dutch-French family, she grew up in the Netherlands where she studied History of International Relations and started getting involved in conversation. She moved later in life to the States where she started working for Academic supporting international education students. Her previous facilitation skills were high in demand during the pandemy which took her the virtual production route.

Anne-Claire speaks fluent English, French and Dutch and conversational German and Spanish. Her virtual classroom specialties are Zoom Meeting and Webinar, Webex Meeting, MS Teams and Adobe Connect.

Anne-Claire Frank-Seisay
Technical Producer
Thought-through preparation, very prompt adaptation and support, flexibility, fantastic focus on the customer, putting all the efforts to deliver a great product, team spirit and engagement.
The SyncSkills team

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