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Return to work programme for Mums


Become a freelancer in the corporate training world, work internationally without leaving your home and learn something new everyday! #MeaningfulWork


Brilliant career prospects: Digital Production is in high demand in HR and Marketing departments all across Europe. Whether you are looking for your next career step or returning to work, this training will leave you well equipped with highly sought after skills and competences.
Flexible hours: Corporate training happens worldwide, across all timezones. So, whether you want to work school hours, or just in the evening; there are opportunities for all work patterns.
Job ready: From technology management to communication and presentation; you will learn, practice and apply your newfound skills in real-life experiences. You’ll have the confidence and be ready to shine when you start delivering corporate training from the comfort of your own home.

“Syncskills producers Programme gave me the necessary techniques and confidence to support trainers and create for participants a smooth online experience. It also gave me the opportunity to get back to work while still having the time to be with my family!”

Lisbeth, Cohort June 2020

“I thoroughly enjoy working as a producer in a virtual classroom. I gain my confidence back after a career break to look after my children. This has boosted my knowledge, understanding and ability to work under pressure but also alongside a great team who are able to assist when required. I really enjoy working from home as this fits in with my schedule as a parent to young children.”

Liza, Cohort October 2019

It’s for you if...

  • You enjoy social media interaction: facebook, twitter, pinterest, …
  • You’re not afraid of technology (but no prior technical knowledge is required)
  • You’re seeking flexible work from home
  • You’re excited to learn new skills and work in an innovative digital environment
  • You genuinely care about and are interested in people
  • You’re comfortable meeting new people and able to adapt to different personality types
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