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Case Study:
Tack TMI


TackTMI uses SyncSkills to:

Virtual Production with Multi-lingual support



What motivated you to look for a virtual production company?

“We were very aware that we needed a producer to support our trainers with virtual delivery, so that our trainers could focus on the delivery of content.”

Hazel Moyes, Global Project Manager, Tack TMI


TackTMI is a global Learning and Development practice part of Gi Group Holding – one of the world’s largest services provider dedicated to the development of the labour market.

Priding themselves on their global reach, expertise and track record of delivering impact.

Prior to the pandemic, they were predominantly classroom based but already experimenting with virtual and blended learning and then everything went online.

“We were already looking at moving more into virtual delivery. But with the pandemic, we all of a sudden found that was everything we did!
Then we really started to find that our capabilities were limited.”

What were the issues with moving more to online delivery?

With the differing levels of experience and confidence within the training team and the range of varying technologies and platforms available, it became clear that moving over to full interactive online training would require support.

  • Support to manage the technology
  • Support to release the trainers to focus on delivery and content.

What was clear from the start was that our trainer teams didn’t have the skills to manage virtual classroom training.

Their skillset and focus needed to be on the content and the delivery, picking up on conversations and interactions, rather than worrying about the technology

Hazel Moyes, Global Project Manager, Tack TMI

What prompted you to look for a virtual production company?

Realising that whilst TackTMI has some great internal support, but the volume of online training was increasing beyond their capabilities.

The decision to look for external support was eventually made when a new global project came on board that was 100% virtual and high volume as well as a technology platform that TackTMI was unfamiliar with.

It’s a distinct advantage…

Initially, we thought that the producer would only be needed at the start whilst our trainers get up to speed with the platforms they were using but now, we see it as very much a distinct advantage for our trainers. Purely focused on delivery without worrying about what is happening in the background, that’s the way for great deliveries!

Also our deliveries include breakout sessions and many of our trainers were apprehensive about that in the virtual world. Putting learners into rooms and bringing them back. We realised producers support would be needed on an ongoing basis.


“When assessing a pilot training, I always wonder how will it work if the client says they want to deliver this on a different platform and that’s where having a company like SyncSkills involved is great. Because I don’t worry about the platform that we’re going to be using or even the tools, from breakout to external platforms like Mentimeter or else.”

Working with SyncSkills

SyncSkills have helped in designing the course and ensuring it is clear what the role of the producer is.

The trainers know they don’t need to worry about breakouts, handouts, feedback, surveys, welcoming the participants, responding and managing the chats and helping with user problems, support is always professionally given.

Our trainers are comfortable with all of the producers we have had from SyncSkills, they are all well trained, know exactly what they are doing and allow the trainers to deliver their content at their best!” says Hazel.

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