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Career Coaching with Gaelle Watson

Are you a manager or aspiring to be one? Would you like to grow and realise your true potential whilst keeping true to yourself? Our coaching practice is dedicated to empowering you to take control and achieve your professional goals.

About Gaëlle

As a learning professional with over 15 years of experience and recently undertook an ILM Level 5 certification in coaching, Gaëlle is deeply passionate about empowering individuals, especially women, in the workplace. Her journey into coaching grew from a commitment to support and uplift those facing professional or personal challenges.

Through the coaching process, Gaëlle aims to empower clients by dedicating time to explore various aspects of their situations and discuss potential solutions. Together, they work to gain new perspectives, evaluate options, and identify the best paths forward. Whether clients are feeling stuck in their careers, dealing with work-related stress, or navigating the complexities of leadership, Gaëlle’s goal is to provide a supportive and insightful environment.

With a focus on topics such as career advancement, effective communication, and stress management, Gaëlle  coaching sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each individual. She believes in the transformative power of coaching to unlock potential, foster growth, and create lasting change. Gaëlle is dedicated to embarking on this journey with her clients to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Gaelle Watson, Founder, Virtual Classroom, Expert

“This coaching experience with Gaelle has been enlightening for me. It has enabled me first of all to take time to think about me and for me, and also to articulate what is in my head and verbalize it in a concrete manner.”

Catherine Adamus, Underwriting and Onboarding Manager, Polo Managing Agency

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative, goal-oriented process designed to help you unlock your potential and achieve your professional aspirations. Through personalised sessions, you’ll gain insights, develop new skills, and overcome obstacles. Be prepared to face challenges head-on, receive constructive feedback, and commit to actionable steps that drive your career forward. Coaching is a journey of growth and empowerment, helping you to become the best version of yourself.

How Can We Help?

Navigating Management Challenges: Learn how to effectively manage your team, handle difficult conversations, and foster a positive work environment.

Communicating Difficult Messages: Gain confidence in delivering tough feedback and making impactful announcements with clarity and empathy.

Negotiating Pay Rises and Promotions: Equip yourself with the skills to advocate for your worth and secure the recognition you deserve.

Planning Difficult Conversations: Develop a strategic approach to discussing sensitive topics, ensuring productive and respectful outcomes.

How does it work ?

  1. Chemistry session: A coaching chemistry session is a preliminary meeting where coach and client assess compatibility, establish rapport, and clarify goals to ensure a successful coaching partnership.
  2. Contract: We agree on working together and agree on some key elements of our relationship.
  3. Define your goals:  Prior to the first session, you will access a questionnaire to help you start clarifying your objectives.
  4. Coaching sessions start …

Special discounted price of £35 for all 60-min sessions taking place before 20th December 24 

“Had a great experience with Gaelle. My overall experience has been incredibly positive and impactful. The coaching sessions were highly effective in providing me with valuable insights into both my personal and professional growth. Gaelle’s guidance and communication style were excellent, fostering a supportive and open environment for discussion, and allowing me to think on my own, ultimately allowing answering my own questions. Throughout the sessions, I gained clarity on my goals, identified areas for improvement, and developed practical strategies to overcome challenges. I particularly appreciate the personalized approach taken by my coach, tailoring the sessions to address my specific needs and aspirations. As a result of the coaching, I have achieved set milestones and seen positive changes in my mindset and behavior. Overall, the coaching experience has been empowering, and boosted my self confidence. Equipping me to overcome obstacles. I have and made informed decisions for my personal and professional development. ”

Trevena Reginald, L&D Project Manager, AMA Europe

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