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Collaborating with Miro in Zoom meeting

At SyncSkills we love Miro Boards! 

We use them both online and offline  and they can now integrate with Zoom making it much easier to create collaborative learning.  

Miro boards are intuitive to use to brainstorm, discuss and plan.  

Here are a few tips:  

  1. Always prepare your boards prior to the start of the meeting 
  2. Participants must have a zoom account (even if a free one) to be able to access all the functionalities – Alternatively, they will be on view only
  3. Even if it is quite easy to use, participants must be given enough time to get familiar with the tool and play a little bit with it. 
  4. Always have a back up plan if one of the participants, cannot access all functionalities: can someone note on their behalf, for examples?

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