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Reflections on 12 Weeks of Virtual Training Mastery
reflections on virtual training mastery

And so here we are, at the end of our 12 week series into the many aspects of designing for virtual training mastery.   

Starting on the basis that fewer than 10% of learners feel the virtual and hybrid sessions they’ve attended exceeded their expectations (Cook & Daly, 2022), and knowing we need to deliver impact to help our clients continue their investments in learning, our goal has been to inform and inspire you with ways to elevate your virtual learning experiences. 

As the journey below shows, we’ve covered a lot!

virtual training mastery journey summary

To recap on all the blogs visit the Virtual Training Mastery home page here.


Ultimately, great design is a highly collaborative activity, and one that requires stakeholders to invest time and consideration into how business objectives can be achieved through knowledge and skills development. Whilst there is no ‘right’ way, and sometimes good enough is enough, a thorough design process provides a great opportunity to impart insight and value to your clients, strengthen relationships, deliver high quality learning solutions that exceed learner expectations, and help achieve business goals! 

We hope you’ve enjoyed the insights and tips we’ve shared, and are feeling both empowered and excited about mastering virtual training. 

This really has just been the tip of the iceberg of a huge and ever changing area. If you would like to explore how we can help you apply these insights to your learning design, book a no obligation online consultation below.

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